Threshold Ceremonies

As a Wedding Officiant and Metaphysical Minister, I work with couples to co-create original crafted wedding ceremonies.

It’s always my intention to create a ceremony that not only makes sure you are legally married, but also helps you feel married. I write your love story so you can hear it, and so you can give your guests a shared experience,  and engage, the people who will support to your married life.

Our ceremonies may be serious, or funny, or a combination of light-hearted and heart-felt. But in all cases, I honour your beliefs, interests, personality and your vision of marriage.

What’s most important is keeping you connected with each other and with your guests, letting it all resonate in a way that’s true to you.

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"We cannot say enough good things about Barb! She took so much time and effort to make sure our wedding day was extra, super special and unique to us. She got rave reviews from everyone who attended our small ceremony. She added to the magic of the day tenfold. We couldn't imagine having been married by anyone else. A wonderful celebrant and just a super lovely human! Thank you again Barb, big hugs!"

Tatjana Barth
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