Marbella Dish

Meet Alexandra Kurta, the owner and creative behind the Marbella Dish. She makes these beautiful one of a kind polymer clay ring dishes by hand. They are made purposely to showcase your most prized possessions.

She wanted to create something that could sit out on a table to display and give appreciation for your treasures - while adding to the overall appearance of your home. 

She loves seeing the creative ways her Marbella Dishes are used in everyday lives, but also loves to work closely with brides, bridesmaids, Maid of Honours, photographers and stylists to showcase details on the most exciting day of your life. 

In addition to our original Classic and Mini sized designs, she also love creating custom and wholesale orders to suit your needs the best she can!

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"This is so beautiful! Words cannot describe what an awesome styling piece this is. I was afraid it would be incredibly fragile and maybe break without extra special packing, but it is lightweight and seems pretty sturdy. Photographs for fine art shoots like a DREAM!”

Marbella dish client


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