Float Canmore

Weddings are really just controlled(ish) chaos. There is so much stress leading up to them. All of the planning and details. It can be a bit overwhelming. That is where we come in.

Can you picture nothingness? Weightlessness? Bliss?

Welcome to Float Canmore where we offer Sensory Deprivation Tanks (aka Floating), Massage Therapy and Infrared Saunas. Nothing melts through the stress of life like it.  You will never be the same after a few hours with us!

Our relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff will take all of your worries away.

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"This place is amazing and my favorite little getaway from all the pressures of the world. The warm float tanks are clean, spacious, and completely relaxing. An hour in the tank feels like a full night of quality sleep and I leave feeling refreshed, restored, and de-stressed. Highly recommend this location."

Chris Morales
float client




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